İKÜ - TODAYİKÜ - TODAY is a web portal that offers you information about current life at İstanbul Kültür University with its multiple blog structure and activity system.

The system, which combines responsive modern blog design and functionality, supports all devices.

In addition, Retina (or HiDPI) support, which is a new visual feature, will offer the highest image quality on iPhones, iPads and Retina MacBook Pros.

Its clean, easy-to-read design and infrastructure that supports multimedia content will offer everything there is to know about İKÜ for its followers in the best way..


It has a blog system that can be accessed by faculty members, departments, and clubs.

These blogs can be found on the ikutoday/blogadasi address. The activity in the blogs will also be displayed in chronological order on the iku.today homepage

Faculty members, departments, and clubs will be able to publish content such as videos, interviews, and podcasts.