A total of 70 kiosks are available for the use of our students. The number of kiosks:

26 on the Ataköy campus (1 for disabled students)
31 on the Şirinevler campus (3 for disabled students)
10 at Şirinevler Law 
6 at Şirinevler Foreign Languages
9 at Şirinevler C Block
7 on the Incirli campus
10 on the Basın Ekspres campus
3 in the boys’ dormitory
3 in the girls' dormitory


1-    KIOSK devices are for the internet use of İKÜ students.  
2-    Swipe the page up with your hand for the KIOSK Home page to appear.
3-    When the login page comes up, you can log into the KIOSK device with your UNIPASS username and password.
4-   You can send a printout to the student printer from KIOSK devices. To print something out, you have to upload credit onto your account from the Financial and Administrative Affairs Department.
5-   Remember to do LOGOFF after use for the security of your account.