Department of Information Systems and Technologies

The İstanbul Kültür University (İKÜ) Department of Information Systems and Technologies (IST) consists of the system operation, software development, network management, operational technology management, security, and support units. 

Our mission:

  • To promote the İKÜ brand in all areas of activity and to determine the requirements of the institution's information systems and technologies, to follow the agenda in the field of education-technology-informatics and to ensure its continuity by adapting the developments to the security and technology policies of İKÜ.
  • To provide support, consultancy and training services to the projects and activities carried out in the field of education, research, and social responsibility/cooperation with the public-private sector to meet the information technologies and security requirements at the academic and administrative levels of İKÜ.
  • To improve and enhance the IT skills of İKÜ employees and students through education, training, and support. 

Our areas of work: 

  • Determining the needs of the university related to information technologies, planning and using the necessary budget in accordance with these needs, and using the purchased equipment and services
  • Preparing the necessary documentation and training for the appropriate use of information and communication technologies 
  • Giving support services to address basic infrastructure and access service issues
  • Preparing and implementing Information Systems Use Policies
  • Providing an uninterrupted continuation of the security of electronic communication and electronic data both inside and outside the university
  • Ensuring the continuity, quality, and update of all services 

Our principles: 

  • To value humanity and nature
  • To respect the privacy of personal information
  • To closely keep track of technology and implement innovations
  • To provide uninterrupted service 
  • To generate added value

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