CATS logosuThe CATS (Computer Aided Training & Educational Services) course management system is İstanbul Kültür University’s adaptation of the Sakai LMS software developed by international universities.

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F.A.Q. about CATS (Students)

Login to the CATS system and check your courses. You will see new courses are added along with the ones you already take via the CATS system. Click the ‘More’ button to list all courses including the ones you can't see at the top of the page.
The course schedule and explanations regarding the courses you take in the distance learning program via the CATS system will be announced on the homepage of the related course. You are obliged to read the homepage and follow the instructions of the course announced there. You can also see the planned schedule of the course by clicking on the ‘Course Schedule’ tool on the left of the page.

You can easily contact the lecturer of the course you take through CATS with the help of the following tools.

1.    Announcements: Announcements will be made frequently by the lecturer. Follow these announcements from the course's page.
2.    Your email address with the extension '' is your official correspondence address recognized by our university. Announcements and messages sent from CATS can also be automatically forwarded to your email address if it is set in this way. It is important that you check your emails regularly.

3.    Messages: Messages allow all participants of the course, students and lecturers, to communicate collectively or individually and to share files where necessary. Optionally, these messages can also be sent as emails to the selected participants.

4.    Chat Room: Chat rooms allow the participants of a course to communicate and share information via instant messaging.

5.    Forum: For some courses, the lecturer can use this tool to let all of the participants of the course discuss under the threads opened for various subjects. It would be helpful that you participate in such forums if this tool is used in the course you take.

You can access all resources/content related to the course you take via the 'Resources' tool on the CATS platform. This tool allows you to access all of the course content whenever and wherever you want.
Login links and date and time information about the virtual classes where live courses are held will be announced on CATS. You can join a class by joining the virtual classroom as a guest. Live courses will be recorded, and its link will be shared under the 'Resources' tool of your course. You can watch the recorded course anytime and as many times as you want.

You need to download the Adobe Connect app on your computer for once. After you download the suitable version for your computer's properties, open the .exe file and install the app. Click the virtual class link sent to you.

Yes. You should download the Adobe Connect Web Conference app on your device. Once you open the app, you will need to paste the virtual class link that is shared with you in the announcement made on the CATS system into the URL field. Join the classroom as a guest.
Live courses will be recorded, and the link of the recorded course will be uploaded to the 'Resources' tool. You can watch the recorded course, pause it or skip some part of the video. You cannot download it on your computer as it is uploaded as a link, not a file. You can only download such resources as audio, video and image files in PDF, Word, PPT, Excel and similar formats.
Yes, if the lecturer of the course you take wants, he/she can upload homework to the system. You can access the homework assigned to you via the ‘Homework’ tool on the CATS system. It is important that you read and follow the explanations uploaded with the homework and the related announcements carefully. You need to upload the homework file/files you have prepared as per the instructions within the specified deadline to the system via the 'Homework' tool.
The 'Exams' tool will be used for this purpose. But we are waiting for the guidance of the Council of Higher Education (YÖK) to start planning the exams. Please follow the related announcements.
You are required to fulfill the requirements of the distance-learning courses you take. Each course may have different requirements depending on what is determined by the lecturer. All requirements will be announced on the related course's page.

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