UniTime is a comprehensive event and resource planning system for courses, exams, and event management. It is a JAVA based open source software developed under the roof of the Apereo foundation with the aim of using the physical resources of the universities in the most effective and optimum way possible.

The system consists of 4 main modules:

  • Course Timetabling & Management (Module for Creating and Managing Lesson Plans)
  • Examination Timetabling (Module for Creating Exam Plans)
  • Event Management (Event Management Module)
  • Student Scheduling (Student Schedule Module)

As of the 2015-2016 spring semester, İKÜ schedules started to be prepared using UniTime, and the midterm and makeup exam calendars were also prepared with UniTime in the same period. Currently, the Course Timetabling & Management, Examination Timetabling, and Event Management modules are used at İKÜ.

At the İKÜ Software Development Unit, we have basic tasks such as developing the UniTime project, adapting it to the university, developing the necessary integrations (SAP, AD etc.), preparing output reports, organizing periodical usage trainings, and carrying out future forecasting and planning activities.

We are currently using the UniTime 4.2 version. The task of adapting the UniTime project to Turkish was assigned to the İKÜ IST Software Development Unit by Mr. Tomas Müller, developer of the UniTime project.

Last Update Date: Tue, 10/01/2019 - 16:21