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UniDocs is İstanbul Kültür University’s Electronic Document Management System. All official correspondence within İKÜ is carried out in UniDocs.

The physical documents from other institutions and petitions forwarded to İKÜ are transferred to the UniDocs platform and followed up through the system.

Event Request Form Guide Document

In order to centralize the process of transfer to the system, the Document Registry Office (EKO) affiliated with the İKÜ General Secretariat was established at the Ataköy Campus.

The basic working principles of UNIDOCS are as follows:

  • You can access the system from unidocs.iku.edu.tr and log in with UniPass information.
  • Documents created on the system follow predefined document flow paths.
  • Documents from foreign institutions and petitions sent to our university are scanned and included in the system by the Document Registry Office. The flow and follow-up of these documents is done via UniDocs.
  • You can find information about how long a document waits, in which department and for which operation through the system. The system notifies the relevant individual responsible about the pending documents on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th day. This is then reported to the top manager
  • An e-signature has been provided to authorized individuals by our institution.
  • Confidential documents are NOT created on the system. They are transferred in the physical environment by obtaining a number from UniDocs. Likewise, a confidential document from outside the institution is not opened and scanned. Only the envelope is scanned, and information is entered in the system.
  • The Document Registry Office (EKO) transfers the physical documents added to the system to the related departments to be archived. Our university's central electronic and physical archive system is in the project phase. After the completion of this project, physical documents will be collected through the archive system.
  • Documents are given a number by UniDocs only. These numbers are generated according to the TS 13298 Electronic Document Management standard approved by the Council of Higher Education.
  • Documents are stored in the "Standard File Plan" (SDP), which is the filing system specified in the TS 13298 Electronic Document Management standard. In the files, SDP also specifies the period of storage of that document, the form of destruction, and, if necessary, the transfer rules of the original or copy to the relevant state institutions. For this reason, it is important to assign documents to the correct files.
  • SDP files are open for use on the basis of requirement. 
Standart File Plan

You can view the files in the Standard File Plan with authorization. If you do not see the file that is suitable for the document you created or want to save, you need to contact your key user.


CLICK HERE to access the list of key users taking part in the UniDocs Electronic Document Management System project.

The Document Registry Office (EKO) is across the library entrance on the ground floor on the Ataköy Campus. You may contact EKO via eko@iku.edu.tr.

The aim of EKO is to record all kinds of official documents (letters, petitions, etc.) sent from outside the university to UniDocs.

EKO will only manage documents that reach the Ataköy Campus in the initial phase. In order for the UniDocs system to operate smoothly, all departments on the Ataköy Campus should abstain from accepting any physical documents and immediately direct the individuals who bring documents to EKO.

EKO will electronically add document to the system, enabling the document to be delivered to the related department via UniDocs. Until the Electronic Archive Project is carried out, the physical document will be forwarded to the related department via postal mail.

In the UniDocs system, ab e-signature is only appended via Internet Explorer in the Microsoft Windows environment.

If an e-signature is corrupted or lost, you need to refer to the Human Resources Department. Likewise, the signature of a new authority is provided by the Human Resources Department..

The expiry date of the certificate renewal process certification of electronic signatures used in our university must be done within the last 45 days. 

Electronic Signature Certificate Renewal User Document  


CLICK HERE to obtain to the Official Correspondence Procedures and Principles applied at our university.

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