For the use of academic, administrative staff and students of our university:

  • There are 483 computers in 13 computer laboratories and 58 Macintosh computers in 2 Macintosh Laboratories on the Bakırköy campus Ataköy building.
  • There are 165 computers in 4 computer laboratories and 31 Macintosh computers in 1 Macintosh Laboratory on the Bakırköy campus Incirli building.
  • There are 108 computers in 5 computer laboratories on the Bahçelievler campus.
  • There are 60 computers in 1 computer laboratory on the Küçükçekmece campus.

In total, we provide services in;

26 laboratories with 816 computers and 89 Macintosh computers within İstanbul Kültür University.
These laboratories can be used free of charge only with registered student IDs and passwords.
For problems experienced at our laboratories, students should inform their advisors; academic and administrative staff should submit a "support request" via address.

Last Update Date: Mon, 10/30/2023 - 21:14